Samsung SC-HMX10 8 Flash High Definition Camcorder

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Order Now Samsung SC-HMX10 8GB Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (SDHC compatible)

Samsung SC-HMX10 8GB Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (SDHC compatible)

Product Description
The SC-HMX10 high-definition camcorder packs a 10x optical zoom with 20x digital zoom and 1.5M-pixel CCD with an Electronic Image Stabilizer for remarkably clear pictures, viewed in the 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD display. It also features 8GB built-in flash memory which can be expanded via the SD/MMC high capacity slot.

  • Capture high-definition video to SDHC and MMC memory cards
  • 10x optical zoom; 20x digital zoom
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • PictBridge compatible; print directly from your camcorder
  • USB 2.0 interface for easy file transfer

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Not bad, a lot to be desired
I bought the Samsung SC-HMX-10 a year ago for filming the family during those special occasions.

Since that time, here's what I've learned as an owner of that camera:


Size and look - The camera is small and looks sleek. It has a side-strap that is good for medium and small hands.

720p - This is a pro and a con. The pro is that it's not standard def. The con is it's not 1080p. The smaller 720p makes it easier to work with in the computer in terms of file size.

Touchscreen - I like the touchscreen and it seems intuitive and well made. It's seems big in relation to the rest of the camera.

HDMI Out - This can be hooked directly to your HDTV via an HDMI port.

Quality - The video quality looks great in most lighting. Low light situations invite video grain.

Memory - This camera has 8GB of internal memory and an expansion slot for more. I love the fact I can pull the card out and put into my computer. Too easy.


Lens Add-Ons - The lens threads seem cheap but not any more than most cameras. I put a UV filter and a wide-angle adapter on the front and started getting vignetting on the corners. It appears that it can only handle one filter/adapter at a time.

AVCHD - AVCHD is a form of MP4 compression that isn't widely supported... still. Adobe CS3 does not natively support it. This has been a sticking point on a lot of other user reviews.

Playback Without the Camera - Your playback choices consist of directly connecting to your TV, play on your computer or burn to a Blu-Ray disc which then necessitates a Blu-Ray Player and Burner. I don't have a Blu-Ray player just yet let alone a Blu-Ray burner. I can watch on my computer no problem, but the average Joe probably wants to be able to watch these videos from a burned disc. Consider that a hidden cost of owning HD cameras.

Computer Horsepower - Again, sort of another hidden cost is the fact that HD video requires more horsepower out of your computer when editing and playback. Older computers will playback the video choppy.

On-Board Light - The on-board light is weak. It won't impress you.

A note about price and other things

I've seen this camera go for $400-$999. I have no idea why there is such elasticity to the pricing of this camera. Do yourself a favor and shop around if you really want this camera. The stills are decent quality but I don't feel they are good enough for anything other than Facebook. Extra batteries are in short supply. I've had trouble finding anyone who stocks them.

Final Thoughts

Given the chance to go back in time, I would have waited awhile to buy an HD camera. HD requires supporting equipment like Blu-Ray devices and newer computers. The camera is nice and if you can get it cheap enough, it is a great entry-level HD camera.

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great family camcorder
This is a great little camcorder for family-type stuff. I was torn between getting a standard-definition camcorder or biting the bullet and go hi-def..I'm so glad I went hi-def. The picture difference is stunning, and the 720p resolution is more than adequate for large screen tv's, although I am mostly watching on my PC. You will need a fairly newer computer and a newer video card or you will get a lot of stuttering and slow-motion video during playback. One drawback is the photos taken with this cam are barely OK. It is not a replacement for even a cheap camera.

For the price this is just a great toy for recording family activities and events. I didn't want to spend more than $300, and I am very satisfied with the quality of this camera


* 720P 60FPS resolution: videos look great and are smaller and easier to work with than 1080P resolution, you can store more files on the built-in card, takes up less hard drive or DVD space when you offload the files.

* very easy to operate

* competitive price


* poor photos

* need a newer computer to view the footage smoothly

* indoor or low-light is grainy, but this is true for all consumer-level camcorders. Just turn on more lights if you can. Outdoor recording is fantastic.

* have to use genuine Samsung batteries, 3rd-party batteries will not work. Current price $50.00

* cannot charge battery outside of camera, makes it hard to keep spares charged up.

Very clear HD
I have had this camera for a few months, it is fairly easy to use. My only complaint is how difficult it is to transfer videos to the computer it should be an easy step but it is not. Apparently once you want to burn it you will need to burn it on a blue ray disc player so that it can be played on a blue ray player.

The picture quality is great for the price. I bought it for my wedding in June and we were pleased with the video. I just wish that it came with better software explaining how to transfer the video it is quite a task, and can be very frustrating!!!!!! It took our friend who is an engineer to be able to figure out how to transfer the video to the computer and burn a disc. That disc can only be played on a computer!

My husband seems to think that the technology that is available so far is not ready to support these high def cameras. We also feel that it could have a better spot light for when being used at night!

The editing software is horrible. I give the camera 4 stars the software get 1 star!

I wish I never bought it.
I bought this camera because I thought the direct usb connection would save me time instead of having to play it back old school style, The compression used is some kind of modified outer space mp4 file.

"Oh mp4! I know mp4."

No. You don't know this one.

I don't think anyone does.

So don't expect any of your favorite editing programs to work with this unless you plan on importing it the old school analog way...

Which if you do, there goes all that quality high definition you paid for. There goes your good audio you paid for too.

So whats the point? I'm left with a 999 dollar analog camera. I've been waiting two years for "technology" to catch up with this mp4 file and it hasn't happened.

All in all, I've been duped by Samsung.

Don't let them fool you too.

PS. It does terrible in low light.

perfect match of quality and price
i used it on my trip to hawaii and it is gorgeous with all the functions- yet to pull out the videos and check them on HDTV, but i am sure it'll look good.

pros: light weight, handy, swiveling palm-rest, double record buttons, lens shutter for additional protection from light and moisture etc., smooth cloth pouch with purse-strings to keep the camera, docking station with full functionality so that i don't have to open the side-screen to find the AV/HDMI jacks, intuitive menu suitable for both novice and pro, with reasonable functionality which satisfies both crowds.

cons (my remedies in brackets): no infrared light sensor/emitter, less powerful LED headlight (no complaints, but would be nice to have them!), short lasting batteries (just bought 2 more with charger for 25 bucks from ebay - compare with single battery costing 45 bucks on amazon!), 8 gb internal memory (good enough for a few days, but i bought 16 gb hdsc from newegg for 25 bucks.. the camera supports upto 32 gb hdsc!), 10x zoom (good enough, but if you want get 2x zoom lens adapter - i actually got 0.4x wide angle adapter to cover the landscapes and to cover more people without going to far away), no lens filters (bought 30mm UV and polarizer lens for dirt cheap from ebay), no camera cover (bought one from amazon - i suggest buy a big one, so that you can fit the AV cables, chargers, additional battery etc)

all in all, i am very happy with this refurbished product and looking forward to its long lasting functionality!

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